Monday, September 12, 2016

The Man Cave Niteclub LLC Community Survey: Voice your comments, questions, concerns here.

The MCC and Gary's Miller Spotlight gathered data from emails received from people living in the area and constructed an online survey concerning The Man Cave Niteclub LLC. The data will be compiled and presented to the Lake County Liquor Board on 10/4/16 at 9am. Jobs and the Economy is one of the 7 themes being addressed in our 29 community goals. Gary's Miller Spotlight volunteers presented our community plan at Wirt-Emerson on Saturday 11/14/15. Check out our full length plan on the Miller Spotlight Facebook page and look for our blog about the project's next phase coming soon. You can also email directly if you'd like a copy of the PDF. You don't have to live in the 46402 or 46403 you just have to care about our revitalization efforts to participate. All are welcome to join!!!