Sunday, July 30, 2017

Take Bike The Streets Part 5: Outcomes & Future Goals

Take Bike the Streets has increased ridership, elevated community health and aided in our urban renewal efforts by positively impacting our economy. 

Future Goals:

  • Create a safety village to educate locals and teach people of all ages/ abilities to ride bikes 

  • In 2018 we plan to begin our next phase, Take Bike the Streets: Biking with the Blind & Seeing Impaired

  • In 2018 we plan to have the Ken Parr Build-a-Bike crew build aqua chairs to help locals use some of our water amenities; splash pads 
  • We have several grants submitted on all three projects and are writing more as we wait to hear the results. 
  • We are seeking community partners to help us implement these projects.

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