Friday, March 20, 2015

Making Moves in March

The Miller Spotlight Steering Committee has met five times since 2/17/15. We have held both morning and evening meetings twice a week. We are trying to accommodate our volunteers’ schedules as much as possible.
So, far we have fifteen dedicated members who have been assigned interviewees to poll on the four quadrants The Legacy Foundation’s Neighborhood Spotlight Program focuses on; strengths/ weaknesses and opportunities/ threats. The data will be synthesized by our Community Builder, Jessie Renslow, and presented at a town hall style meeting later this year. After our findings have been presented, we will brainstorm ways we might be able to address them.
Currently, we have 531 names so far on our interview list, but we would love to survey 500+ vested members of our community, so that we can get as many voices heard as possible. All interviews are anonymous and we want to hear everything you have to say (good, bad and ugly)!
If you have thoughts on current issues, or ways in which we can improve upon the quality of life in Gary-Miller please consider becoming a part of the Miller Spotlight process.
We are always looking to add folks to our steering committee. If you are interested in joining our efforts or have a name to add to the list please email Jessie via She is more than willing to meet with anyone individually and/or groups who would like to be caught up on the Miller Spotlight Steering Committee happenings.

Now that our committee members have been prepared for the interview process, we will meet only once a month to drop off the data and address any questions or concerns that may arise. Our next morning meeting will be at 8:00AM on Tuesday 4/14/15 at the McDonald’s between 12 and 20. Our next evening meeting will be at 6:30pm on Wednesday 4/15/15 and we are looking for an available venue. If anyone has one to offer, please email Jessie.

If you’re on Facebook please like us at . A really easy way to help our efforts is to share our Facebook updates. We have 105 likes so far, but would love for that to grow. If you see something of interest in Miller and you're on Instagram, or Twitter please take a pic and then use the SEO #MillerSpotlight .

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