Friday, January 6, 2017

Harnessing Your Narrative: Steel City Academy

Our Steel City Academy podcasts are live! 

Seventh and ninth graders teamed up on a digital project. Gary's Miller Spotlight volunteers covered equipment management, digital literacy and basics of podcasting in our 4 day-long course called Harnessing Your Narrative. 

They're teaching Gary kids how to harness their narrative through podcasting at Steel City Academy in Glen Park, Gary, Indiana. StoryCorps recorded 12 pair interviews (24 people) in the Miller community of Gary on Saturday 3/19/16 and Sunday 3/20/16. This was the first time StoryCorps in Chicago had recorded in Indiana. 

They rarely do onsite interviews, but our Area Context Group convinced their producers that our neighborhood was ripe with interesting and positive tales to tell. We are looking for more sites to host oral history recording sessions across Gary this winter.

 This will be a way to capture the voices of Gary, Indiana in a virtual museum and be a way to deliver digital literacy workshops. If you're interested in our volunteers running a workshop near you please contact our community builder, Jessica Renslow, via .

We are a Legacy Foundationinitiative and the Miller Beach Arts & Creative District our backbone institution. Click here for the entire YouTube Playist or click on the videos below. 

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