Monday, April 20, 2015

Miller Spotlight Blooming in April

This month our Community Builder, Jessie Renslow, has enjoyed speaking about our Miller Spotlight Project efforts at many local events, classes and meetings including:

  The Gary Middle College, The Miller Rotary Club, The Miller Historical Society, The Marquette Park UMC Flea Market and The SouthShore Arts Chamber Luncheon.

Additionally, Jessie had a great meeting with the folks at Park Shore Commons. Members of our Miller Spotlight Steering Committee will be doing an on-site event on 4/29/15 there from 10am-noon. If you're interested in having our Steering Committee come to your apartment complex, block club, precinct... Please email Jessie Renslow via

The Miller Spotlight Steering Committee met on Tuesday 4/14/15 (both in the morning and evening). We discussed questions and concerns that have arisen in the past month for our members over the past month. Interview sheets were turned in and now our Community Builder is starting to synthesize
the data. So, far nearly 600 vested community members have been identified, 51 have been interviewed and many are in the process of being contacted.