Sunday, June 21, 2015

Miller Spotlight Community Kickoff!!!

The Miller Spotlight Steering Committee is hosting a Community Kickoff on Saturday, June 27th from 4-6pm at St. Mary of the Lake’s Lessard Hall (6060 Miller Ave. Miller Beach-Gary, IN 46403). All are welcome to attend this free event!

Miller Spotlight is a Legacy Foundation initiative modeled after collective impact projects that have worked well on the south side of Chicago and in Indianapolis. Miller and Northwest Hobart are the first two Lake County communities to pilot the Neighborhood Spotlight program, which is a new place-based initiative for reinvesting in Da Region. After decades of significant economic decline, many neighborhoods throughout our area are struggling to thrive and sustain their vibrancy. Pockets of hope exist. Miller has been identified as an area of opportunity.

For the past four months our fifteen, volunteer, members of the Miller Spotlight Steering Committee have gathered 4,013 comments about Gary’s very own Miller neighborhood from vested community members. These conversations will help determine how we as a community plan to take action towards continuing to revitalize Miller. 


By sourcing our information directly from the public we are hoping to identify which grants/ programs might best suit the needs of Miller. With support from Legacy Foundation staff and consultants, Miller will organize, decide and act upon projects that can profoundly change our community’s future. 

Community volunteers will present Miller Spotlight’s findings at the Community Kickoff and then decide what is the best way to proceed. Come this Saturday and find out more about the seven most identified areas of the study and how you can join in the next step of the process!

Volunteers from the community will discuss Miller's views on:
1. Miler's Area Context
2. Economy and Job Opportunities
3. Safety and Code Enforcement
4. Environment and Eco Tourism
5. Property
6. Education and Youth/ Child Programming
7. Transportation and Infrastructure 

Come to Lessard Hall at 4PM on 6/27 to find out more about Miller Spotlight and where it will take our community in 2016! RSVP on Facebook here. Walk-ins welcome!!!