Saturday, July 29, 2017

Take Bike The Streets Part 2: Ken Parr Build-a-Bike

Why do a build-a-bike? 
With 8.8% of our community solely depending on public transportation, biking is more than a recreational activity in Gary’s Miller footprint. We estimated in 2015 that there were between 1500-1600 people solely riding the bus/train in the 46403 zip code. In a city of 77,000 and 54 square miles Gary doesn’t have a bike shop! 

How did we get started? 
By training volunteers of varying ages in these workshops, we are providing a constructive activity that promotes biking and capitalizes on fostering local leadership. 

How does this work? 
We meet 10am-noon every Saturday from June-October 
Each build-a-bike crew member works on his/ her bike 

Do you charge for your services? 
Once a bike is ready to ride, the build-a-bike crew member donates 4 hours of service with our Miller Garden Club volunteers to receive it. 

Outcomes ?

In it’s ninth week, the Ken Parr Build-a-Bike has had 7 graduates. So, far the popup shop has had 32 participants. 

(To Learn more about Take Bike The Streets click here.)

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