Saturday, July 29, 2017

Take Bike The Streets Part 3: Zagster

What is Zagster?
We obtained our Zagster Bikeshare contract this year and secured the funding for June 2017-June2018. Zagster is the leading provider of bike­share programs for cities, univer­sities, businesses and properties. Both Fort Wayne and Evansville have recently launched Zagster fleets. Zagster simplifies bike sharing through a full ­service model that covers everything involved in planning, building and operating a system. By using right­sized infrastructure and app­based technology, Zagster bike­sharing programs are flexible and affordable for both communities like Gary’s Miller Neighborhood and the riders within them and attracted to them. 

Why Zagster? 
Acquiring a national brand such as Zagster has put Gary’s Miller Community on the map for other ecotourism companies and environmental education programmers. Zag­ster covers the planning, hardware, technology and operations to run a bike­share in a community the size of Miller. (They have 5 different adaptive bike options.) The community fundraised for an adaptive hand cycle that will be installed on September 1st as a part of September’s First Fridays on Lake Street. Zagster focuses on transportation infrastructure with a tangible return on investment. All profits from in­vesting in Zagster are going to run various Miller Spotlight projects. 

In its first month of opperation our bike share has had 35 regulars and 25 one-time users join the program. 

Press about the project so far:

So far the most common rental zone area is The Stage Gary Small Business Incubator/ CoWorking Space. It will be interesting to see how this project evolves. We are seeking sponsors for the 2018-2019 contract. Please email Jessie Renslow (Community Builder) via for more info.

(To Learn more about Take Bike The Streets click here.)

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