Saturday, July 29, 2017

Access Miller’s Original Community Goals (created in 2015, Implemented in 2016 & 2017)

Goal 1: Identify and engage at least ten (10) key regional partners involved in development, improvements and funding of transportation infrastructure to advocate for and find means to achieve our short and long term goals beginning 10/31/2015. 

Since October of 2015, we have identified more than 10 regional partners (City of Gary, City of Gary’s Parks & Recreation Department, National Lakeshore, City of Gary’s Council, City of Gary’s Department of Redevelopment, Gary Public Transportation, Coastal Grant, NICTD, NIRPC, RDA, Indiana General Assembly, Ped-Pedal-Paddle) and have been working with them from the planning stage to implementation stage on several projects. Little by little we are advocating and working with those who are helping us become a universally designed community/city/region. 
Goal 2: Increase number of residents biking, rolling and walking in Miller 500% by 2025. 

We are well on our way with our Take Bike The Streets initiative read all about it here.

Goal 3: Bike Share and Car Share programs will increase from zero users to a combined twenty (20) users per day by 2019. 

We launched our Bike Share program in June as a component of our Take Bike The Streets initiative. Read all about how we partnered with Zagster here.

Goal 4: Provide shuttle bus services to 500 Miller residents on weekends and for special events by summer 2016 and increase numbers by 10% each year until the beginning of 2018. 

This service actually launched a year early in the summer of 2015! We have been working all summer to up the ridership and market this amazing service/ partnership with the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

Goal 5: Develop a website tracking physical obstacles to accessibility in Miller and improve the 10 public sites identified as least accessible by 2020. 

Access Miller has partnered with Barrier Free Beach 2020 and The City of Gary on this project. We ran 6 workshops on this subject and received a 2016 ADA Indiana Community Grant. We created a multi platformed educational series on accessibility. Access 4 All premiered as part of the Directed by Women Global Film Festival this September. A portion of the series Access 4 All: Progress in our Parks was featured in the Indiana Dunes Film Festival.  

It is now available here: Access 4 All

Please watch the series, take the survey and encourage others to do so too.

Goal 6: Make all Miller Spotlight web content accessible by 2019. 

We have designed our content to be as universal as possible and continue to do so. Please email any notes/ recommendations to 

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